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Welcome to the Anthropocene

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Author: Katrin Muff PhD

Dr. Katrin Muff is Director of the Institute for Business Sustainability in Lucerne, Switzerland and Professor of Practice at the LUISS Business School in Rome, Italy. She consults leaders and boards in business sustainability and strategic transformation, and runs an executive program together with Thomas Dyllick. Her book “Five Superpowers for Co-creators” provides insights about issue-centered multi-stakeholder processes. She brings 20 years of international strategic and general management experience in Europe, Australia, North America and Russia and a decade of leadership in business education. www.KatrinMuff.com

One thought on “Welcome to the Anthropocene

  1. Nice commentary of human impact on the planet; not bleak and hopeful. Allow me to provide the bleak. In my opinion, people around the world need to realize that approaching 9 billion people is not a sustainable paradigm. We are on an acclerated course toward a population bubble-burst that can end only in human suffering more than ever before. There simply will not be enough resorces on the planet to sustain human life which will become less miraculous and devalued as famine, disease, and wars for land and resources proliferate. Unfotrtunately how do you convince anyone to curtail their natural biological drives, religious dictums and personal desires? Education and understanding needs to replace ignorance and tradition. Even if people today limit themselves to just two offspring, the world population, theoretically, remains static. An overall reduction in human propogation should restore more balance, but it is not in our nature to not “go forth and multiply.” It would appear that unless some massive initiative is enacted, mothernature will solve the problem for us.