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An in-society collaboratory in South Africa

(Real-time update from South Africa)

Dr. Arnold Smit (University of Stellenbosch) and I facilitated an in-society collaboratory with six representatives of the Kajamandi township here in Stellenbosch. Kajamandi is the poorest township in South Africa, in a very wealthy context of neighboring townships of Stellenbosch. Besides huge challenges in poverty and crime reduction and broadening access to education, Kajamandi faces the consequences of the fast spreading agricultural strikes and related violence that is currently keeping the entire country awake. The situation was important enough that it was considered unsafe for us to enter Kajamandi. As a result six representatives from Kajamandi came to see us at the Spier Winery for a three-hour world café and collaboratory session aimed to better understand key issues and challenges of that township. The sharing and storytelling were very profound and moving and allowed a deep immersion and understanding of very different perspectives of these highly complex challenges.